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Traci Lords (1968 - )

Traci Lords's death and partial disappearance in Black Mask 2.

She first became known for her underage appearances in pornographic movies.

Film Deaths[]

  • Skinner (1993) [Heidi]: Shot twice in the stomach by a security guard in a junkyard, after he discovers Traci and Ted Raimi trying to kill each other.
  • As Good as Dead (1995) [Nicole Grace]: Dies during surgery (off-screen) after Judge Reinhold alters her computer records so she receives a transfusion of the wrong blood type. We see her in the hospital before the surgery, then learn about her death after Crystal Bernard calls the hospital and is informed of Traci's death. Traci's body is not shown afterwards, although a box containing her ashes does play a pivotal role later on.
  • Underworld (1996) [Anna]; Shot in the back of her head by Larry Bishop while she's looking for gum in the glove compartment of his car.
  • Nowhere (1997) [Valley Chick #1]: Disintegrated, along with Shannen Doherty and Rose McGowan, with a ray-gun by an alien while they're sitting at a bus stop; we see the blast, followed by a shot of three smoldering retainers on the bench. (Thanks to Ro)
  • Blade (1998) [Raquel]: Shot in the head with a silver bullet by Wesley Snipes during his assault on the vampires' nightclub; her body disintegrates into dust after she's shot.
  • Black Mask 2: City of Masks (2002) [Chameleon]: Following a fight with Tyler Mane during which she is completely invisible due to powers gained through genetic modification, clasps hands with Tyler as they hang off of either side of a supporting arch on a stadium. Traci recalls how boyfriend Andrew Bryniarski chose to fall to his death rather than live as a monster, after which he mostly reverted back to his human form; while she thinks of this, her nude body promptly reappears. Choosing to imitate Andrew's reversion to human form in death, Traci declares that she will never disappear; meanwhile, her body fades again. Tyler pleads with her to hold on, but she slaps his arm and they both fall to their deaths. Traci's prostrate body is then shown in a close-up shot assuming a calm dying expression similar to Andrew's. However, her right arm below the bicep and most of her back have disappeared, implying that the rest of her body has disappeared.  Her head and both of her shoulders stabilize and take on a very dark tan, the color of a dead chameleon. (Nudity alert: Topless)
  • Crazy Eights (2006) [Gina Conte]: Killed (off-screen) by a monster, after being blinded. (Thanks to Utonium)

TV Deaths[]

Video Game Deaths[]

  • Hitman: Absolution (2012) [Layla Stockton]: Killed by David Bateson; the exact nature of her death is decided by the player.


Noteworthy Connections[]

  • Ex-wife of Brook Yeaton.
  • Ex-wife of Ryan Granger.
  • Wife of Jeff Gruenewald.