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Toshiro Mifune in Throne of Blood

Toshirô Mifune (1920 - 1997)

Film Deaths[]

  • Drunken Angel (Yoidore tenshi) (1948) [Matsunaga]: Dies after being stabbed in the stomach after a long scuffle with Reisaburo Yamamoto, he manages to get him arrested though in the process.
  • The Life of Oharu (Saikaku Ichidai Onna) (1952) [Katsunosuke]: Beheaded for having a forbidden relationship with Oharu (Tsukie Matsuura).
  • The Seven Samurai (Shichinin no samurai; The Magnificent Seven) (1954) [Kikuchiyo]: Fatally shot by the bandit chief (Shinpei Takagi); he manages to rise to his feet and stab Shinpei before collapsing dead from his fatal wound. (Thanks to Betty)
  • Throne of Blood (Kumonosu jo; Spider's Web Castle) (1957) [Taketori Washizu]: Shot repeatedly with arrows (culminating with a shot through his neck) by an army of samurai.
  • The Bad Sleep Well (Warui yatsu hodo yoku nemuru) (1960) [Kōichi Nishi]: Dies (off-screen) after getting into an accident while intoxicated. While not seen, it is implied that he was murdered by being forced to drink and then put in a car crash in order to kill him without an investigation.
  • Fort Graveyard (Chi to suna) (1965) [Sergeant Kosugi]: Dies from gunshot wounds sustained in an earlier shootout after helping sucessfully fend off the final siege on the fort.
  • Samurai Rebellion (Jōi-uchi: Hairyō tsuma shimatsu) (1967) [Saburo Sasahara]: Dies after being injured by dozens of sword inflicted wounds over the course of the film's climatic battle.
  • Japan's Longest Day (Nihon no ichiban nagai hi) (1967) [War Minister General Korechika Anami]: Dies of his wounds after cutting opening his stomach with a short blade.
  • Hell in the Pacific (1968) [Captain Tsuruhiko Kuroda]: Killed in an explosion, along with Lee Marvin, when the abandoned boat they've discovered blows up, there is also a brief "vision" he has that Lee stabs him. (the DVD includes an short alternate ending in which they both survive). (Thanks to Zoran)
  • Samurai Banners (Furin Kazan) (1969) [Yamamoto Kansuke]: Shot in the eye with an arrow just as he's won the battle.
  • Red Lion (Akage) (1969) [Gonzo] Shot to death by dozens of rifles.
  • Shinsengumi (1969) [Isami Kondo]: Executed by decapitation.
  • Red Sun (1971) [Kuroda Jubei]: Shot to death by Alain Delon, he dies with Charles Bronson by his side.

TV Deaths[]