Tony Robinson in Blackadder II: Chains

Tony Robinson (1946 - )

TV DeathsEdit

  • Blackadder II: Chains (1986) [Baldrick]: Stabbed to death (off-screen), along with the rest of the cast, by Hugh Laurie. His body is shown lying with the others, with the killer standing over them disguised as Miranda Richardson (indeed, he's actually played by Miranda with Hugh's voice dubbed in). (Played for comic effect.)
  • Blackadder Goes Forth: Goodbyeee (1989) [Private S. Baldrick]: Shot to death (off-screen), along with the rest of the cast, after climbing out of the trench and charging the German troops. The scene ends with a slow fade as they charge, followed by a shot of the empty field.
  • Plebs: The Dig (2019) [Daedalus Greco]: An archaeologist he is accidentally killed after scuffling with Tom Rosenthal and falling into the deep hole excavated in the bar floor. We hear his head thump on the uncovered sewage pipe. The hole is then filled in. (Played for comic effect) (Thanks to Brian)

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