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Tony Plana in The Rookie

Tony Plana (1952 -)

Film DeathsEdit

  • ¡Three Amigos! (1986) [Jefe]: Shot to death in the films climatic shoot-out. 
  • The Rookie (1990) [Morales]: Shot in the forehead off-screen by Sonia Braga.  His body is later shown.
  • One Good Cop (1991) [Beniamino Rios]: Stabbed and slashed to death in the chest and stomach with his own ceremonial sword by Michael Keaton during a fight in his apartment. His body is later seen along with his dead gang as his apartment goes up in flames.
  • Live Wire (1992) [Al-red]: Blows up after accidentally swallowing Ben Cross' explosive formula during a mix between him having his water-based bomb become activated and Pierce Brosnan interfering with it, causing him to speed up the detonation. Brosnon later tosses him into a wheel chair and sends him rolling away into a building away from the civilians nearby.

TV DeathsEdit

  • Justice (Backlash) (1999; TV Movie) [Orlando Reyes]: Shot by Charles Durning in Tony's car.
  • Martial Law: Substitutes (1999) [Chava Rocha]: Thrown and slammed head-first into a glass table after being fighting with Sammo Hung. (He is never seen again after this and this show often made it pretty clear as to who was knocked-out or absolutely dead and often times anyone who was knocked-out was shown being arrested afterwards and Plana's character is never mentioned or shown doing that so it's safe to add this to his mortality count.)

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