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Tommy Lee Jones in Blown Away

Tommy Lee Jones (1946 -)

Film Deaths[]

  • Eliza's Horoscope (1975) [Tommy Lee]: Shot to death by police while attempting to detonate explosives set on a bridge.
  • The Eyes of Laura Mars (1978) [John Neville]: Shot in the stomach by Faye Dunaway as he challenges her to shoot him before he stabs her.
  • The Package (1989) [Thomas Boyette]: Shot repeatedly by Gene Hackman when he turns to point his gun at Hackman, just as he is about to commit an assassination.
  • JFK (1991) [Clay Shaw/Clay Bertrand]: Dies (off-screen) of cancer.
  • Under Siege (1992) [William "Bill" Strannix]: Stabbed in the head by Steven Seagal, who then slams his head into a console screen, electrocuting him at the end of a fight.
  • Heaven & Earth (1993) [Steve Butler]: Commits suicide (off-screen).
  • Blown Away (1994) [Ryan Gaerity]: Goes down with his docked yacht, which he has rigged, Rube Goldberg-style, to explode. Jeff Bridges narrowly escapes the same fate.
  • Cobb (1994) [Ty Cobb]: Dies of old age/natural causes.
  • Natural Born Killers (1994) [Warden Dwight McClusky]: Ripped apart (off-screen) by prisoners during a riot. In the original version, we only saw the prisoners closing in on him; in the Director's Cut, there is a shot of his severed head on a spike and the prisoners throwing his severed arms in the air.
  • Batman Forever (1995) [Two-Face/Harvey Dent]: Impaled on a bed of spikes underwater after falling to his death after Val Kilmer throws a large number of coins in the air as a distraction when Tommy flips his coin.
  • Small Soldiers (1998) [Major Chip Hazard]: Providing the voice of a sentient action figure, he is electrocuted/short-circuited by a power line, creating an electro-magnetic pulse that deactivates the other action figures. His head is seen one last time being held by Denis Leary.
  • Space Cowboys (2000) [William "Hawk" Hawkins]: Killed when he sacrifices himself by detonating a bomb on the satellite, in order to prevent it from colliding with Earth; his body is shown on the lunar surface afterwards.
  • The Missing (2003) [Samuel Jones/Chaa-duu-ba-its-iidan]: Falls to his death when he tackles Eric Schweig and they both tumble off the cliff; his body is shown lying on the ground afterwards (then again being wrapped up on a horse as his granddaughter, Jenna Boyd cries over him). (Also note that there are 3 other extended and alternate versions of his death scene in the deleted scenes section of the DVD.)
  • A Prairie Home Companion (2006) [The Axeman]: Dies (off-screen) in a car accident. We learn of his death when Kevin Kline informs the news.
  • Captain America: The First Avenger (2011) [Colonel Chester Phillips]: Dies (off-screen), of old age/natural causes, at some point between the 1940s story line and the present-day scenes; his death is later confirmed in the sequel Captain America: The Winter Soldier.
  • Men in Black 3 (2012) [Agent K]: Erased from existence when Jemaine Clement kills Tommy's younger self (Josh Brolin) in the past; he is brought back after Will Smith goes back in time and prevents Josh's death.
  • Jason Bourne (2016) [CIA Director Robert Dewey]: Shot to death by Alicia Vikander as Tommy is about to shoot Matt Damon.
  • Ad Astra (2019) [Clifford McBride]: Dies of suffocation off-screen after he throws himself into deep space as Brad Pitt tries to save him. We last seen him when the body floats off into the distance.

Television Deaths[]

  • The Amazing Howard Hughes (1977 TV) [Howard Hughes]: Dies of kidney failure.
  • The Executioner's Song (1982 TV) [Gary Gilmore]: Executed by the firing squad.
  • April Morning (1988 TV) [Moses Cooper]: Shot by the British army during the war. His body is shown later on his bed when his son (Chad Lowe) goes to pay his final respect.

Video Game Deaths[]

  • Small Soldiers (1998) [Chip Hazard]: Killed by Gregg Berger.


Notable Connections[]

  • Cousin of Boxcar Willie (Singer)
  • Ex-Mr. Kate Lardner
  • Mr. Dawn Jones (Camera Operator)
  • Father of Austin Leonard Jones and Victoria Jones