Portman's death

Tomas Arana in The Bodyguard

Tomas Arana (1955 - )

Deaths in FilmEdit

  • The Church (La Chiesa) (1989) [Evan]: After being possessed by one of the demons; he is either killed by said demons/lost souls or crushed to death along with all the remaining possessed church members when Hugh Quarshie causes the church to collapse on itself. (I haven't seen this, but it's established that Asia Argento is the only survivor.) (Thanks to ND)
  • The Hunt for Red October (1990) [Cook/Loginov]: Shot by Alec Baldwin while Tomas is attempting to sabotage the submarine.
  • The Sect (La Setta; The Devil's Daughter) (1991) [Damon] Blows ups after his motorcycle catches fire and explodes.  
  • Derailed (2002) [Mason Cole]: Torn apart at the waist when Jean-Claude Van Damme uncouples the railroad cars after trapping Tomas between them. (Thanks to ND)
  • Defiance (2008) [Ben Zion Gulkowitz]: Shot to death in a battle with Nazi troops.

Deaths in TelevisionEdit


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