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The zombie Tom Woodruff Jr. in Monsters: The Match Game


Tom Woodruff Jr.

Tom Woodruff Jr. (1959 - )

Professional make-up artist, effects technician and stuntman.

Film Deaths[]

  • The Monster Squad (1987) [Gillman]: Shot repeatedly in the chest and stomach with a police shotgun by Brent Chalem. (Tom was wearing heavy monster makeup for this role)
  • Pumpkinhead (1988) [Pumpkinhead]: Dies when Cynthia Bain shoots Lance Henriksen in order to destroy Pumpkinhead through its link to him. With his body then bursting into flames as it dies (Tom was wearing heavy demon makeup at this point).
  • Leviathan (1989) [Lead Creature]: Portraying a mutated Daniel Stern, he is killed in an explosion when Peter Weller throws an explosive or sesmic devic down his throat after he kills Ernie Hudson (Tom was wearing heavy mutant monster makeup at this point).
  • Tremors (1990) [The Graboid]: Falls to its death and Killed into the ground, when Kevin Bacon jumps down and crushed him to pieces.
  • Alien 3 (1992) [The Alien]: Killed in an explosion, when Sigourney Weaver turns on fire sprinklers and sprays the alien with water (having been covered in molten metal), causing his exoskeleton to cool rapidly and shatter via thermal shock (Tom was wearing heavy alien makeup at this point).
  • Mortal Kombat (1995) [Goro]: Falls to his death after he loses his grip after being knocked off a cliff by Linden Ashby (Goro was voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson)
  • Alien: Resurrection (1997) [Lead Alien]: Killed in an explosion, when Winona Ryder crashed the Auriga on Earth with him and the other Aliens onboard (Tom was wearing heavy alien makeup).
  • Deep Blue Sea (1999) [Mako Shark]: Killed in an explosion, when LL Cool J blows up attaches the trailing wire to a boat battery to blow the big shark to bits.
  • Alien vs. Predator (2004) [Lead Alien ("Grid")]: Killed in an explosion, when the pyramid is destroyed by the self-destruct device of a Predator (Ian Whyte) (Tom was wearing heavy alien makeup).
  • Aliens vs Predator: Requiem (2007) [Predalien]: Killed in a nuclear explosion, battling the Predator (Ian Whyte) (Tom was wearing heavy alien makeup).
  • Race to Witch Mountain (2009) [Siphon]: Incinerated after being electrocuted when Dwayne Johnson and Alexander Ludwig knocks him back into a space ships’ generator at the end of a struggle. (Tom was wearing heavy alien makeup or a mask at this point).

Television Deaths[]