Tom Welling (1977 - )

Tom welling

Tom Welling in Smallville: Visage

Film Deaths Edit

None Known

TV Deaths Edit

  • Special Unit 2: The Depths (2001) [Male Victim]: Gets his neck broken by a fishman after he punches him while Tom was hanging out with Lindsey McKeon at the beach.
  • Smallville: Visage (2003) [Clark Kent]: Playing double as Clark and Clark as one of Lizzy Caplan's changeling forms, the changeling Tom gets impaled on a spike while trying to crush the real Tom with heavy machinery. "He" turns back into Lizzy before dying. (Clark himself survives the episode, Obviously.)
  • Smallville: Scare (2004) [Clark Kent]: In a nightmare had by Tom due to him being exposed to a toxin, he is stabbed with a kryptonite rock by Kristin Kreuk after the meteor shower in the hospital and him telling her about his origins and powers, angering how because of her parents' death. (Obviously, he survives the episode.)
  • Smallville: Hidden (2005) [Clark Kent]: Shot in the chest by Johnny Lewis (this was after Tom had lost his powers and becoming mortal a couple of episodes back) while questioning Johnny about the missile silo. He dies in the hospital after the staff unsuccessfully revive him. He would be taken out of the hospital and be brought back to life (with all his powers) by Jor-El (using John Glover as a vessel).
  • Smallville: Void (2006) [Clark Kent]: Is briefly clinically dead after G. Patrick Currie injects him with the Limbo drug. He then hallucinates and sees John Schneider before being brought back to life by Kristin Kreuk.
  • Lucifer: A Devil of My Word (2018) [Marcus Pierce/Cain]: Stabbed in the chest with a blade by Tom Ellis.
  • Batwoman: Crisis On Infinite Earths Part 2 (2019) [Clark Kent (Earth 167)]: Although he only had a small appearance, it was confirmed that he was vaporized, along with Erica Durance and the residents of Earth 167, by the Anti-Matter Wave. His death is later undone when his world is restored by Stephen Amell in Arrow: Crisis On Infinite Earths Part 4.
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