Tom Tyler in 'Stagecoach'

Tom Tyler (1903 - 1954)

Film DeathsEdit

  • Stagecoach (1939)  [Luke Plummer]: Shot, along with Vestor Pegg and Joe Rickson, in a gunfight with John Wayne (off-screen). We hear the shots, then Tom comes back into the saloon and collapses on the floor.
  • The Mummy's Hand (1940)  [Kharis, the Mummy]: Burned with a brazier by Dick Foran. (Kharis, played by Lon Chaney Jr., returned in three sequels.)
  • San Antonio (1945)  [Lafe McWilliams]: Shot in a showdown with Errol Flynn
  • Blood on the Moon (1948) [Frank Reardon]: Shot in the back by Walter Brennan, when he tries to kill Robert Mitchum.
  • Return Of The Bad Men (1948) [Wild Bill Yeager]: Shot dead by Randolph Scott in the shootout in the rocks. (Thanks to Brian) 
  • Red River (1948)  [The Quitter]: Shot, along with two other mutinous cowboys, in a gunfight with John Wayne and Montgomery Clift.

TV DeathsEdit


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