Tom Stevens in Wayward Pines: Bedtime Story

Tom Stevens (1987 - )

Deaths in Film Edit


Deaths in Television Edit

  • Wayward Pines: Bedtime Story (2016) [Jason Higgins]: Shot in the chest during a fight with Kacey Rohl in the episode Wallcott Prep after Tom questions Kacey about the baby she had after Tom reads Kacey's profile and finds out that he is her son. Later he is taken to the hospital where Jason Patric tries to save him but Jason purposely doesn't do a certain procedure which would have saved Tom's life. Tom then flatlines on the operating table.
  • Deadly Class: Sink with California (2019) [Chester "Fuckface" Wilson]: Throat torn out by one of the dogs in his basement, which was released by Benjamin Wadsworth during a fight between him and Tom.
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