Tom Skerritt in 'Big Bad Mama'

Tom Skerritt (1933 - )

Film Deaths:Edit

Television Deaths:Edit

  • The F.B.I.: The Assassin (1966) [Robert Hastings]: Killed when his gun explodes after William Windom puts an explosive magazine in the gun.
  • Bonanza: The Hunter (1973) [Corporal Bill Tanner]: Dies out of picture of a cardiac arrest after having a fit of anger when locked in a room by Michael Landon. (Thanks to Brian)
  • The Last Day (1975) [Bill Powers]: Shot from across the street by Richard Widmark as he runs from the robbed bank and is blown through its window in this version of the famous dual bank raid in Coffeyville by the Dalton gang. (Thanks to Brian)
  • Category 7: End of the World (2005; TV) [Col. Mike Davis]: Dies when the superstorm tornado destroys his fighter jet.
  • Desperation (2006; TV movie) [Johnny Marinville]: Killed when he sacrifices himself by igniting the explosives in order to seal a mine containing the deity Tak, so the other survivors can escape.
  • Killer Wave (2007) [Victor Bannister]: Commits suicide by shooting himself in the head, off-camera (after also shooting his dying relative (unclear actress)). We hear shots then learn what he's done when Karine Vanasse and others come into the room.
  • Leverage: The Radio Job (2012) [Jimmy Ford]: Killed in a warehouse explosion arranged by Saul Rubinek while speaking with Timothy Hutton on his cell phone.
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