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Tom Sizemore in Saving Private Ryan

Tom Sizemore (1961 - 2023)

Film Deaths[]

  • Lock Up (1989) [Dallas]: Electrocutes himself in order to kill Jordan Lund
  • Blue Steel (1990) ["Wool Cap"]: Shot repeatedly in the chest and stomach by Jamie Lee Curtis causing him to fall back through a glass wall window onto the street) when he tries to rob a grocery store as Ron Silver, looks on in shock, before picking up Tom's dropped gun.
  • Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man (1991) [Chance Wilder]: Falls to his death through a broken window after clinging onto Don Johnson's boot which rips off in his hand following a fight.
  • Flight of the Intruder (1991) [Bob "Boxman" Walkawitz]: Killed by NVA anti-aircraft missile fire while Tom is on a bombing run.
  • Heart and Souls (1993) [Milo Peck]: Killed in a bus crash along with Charles Grodin, David Paymer, Kyra Sedgwick, and Alfre Woodard).  Their spirits appear to Robert Downey Jr. occasionally taking over Robert's body for the rest of the movie. 
  • True Romance (1993) [Detective Cody Nicholson]: Shot several times in the chest by Eric Allan Kramer after Tom shoots Saul Rubinek
  • Natural Born Killers (1994) [Detective Jack Scagnetti]: Shot in the head by Juliette Lewis with his own gun in her prison cell, after she slits his throat. 
  • Devil in a Blue Dress (1995) [DeWitt Albright]: Shot in the chest by Don Cheadle, causing him to fall back through the window, whilst returning fire. He dies after dragging himself to his car as Don and Denzel Washington look on.
  • Heat (1995) [Michael Cheritto]: Shot in the head by Al Pacino while holding Yvonne Zima hostage. (See also Vincent Guastaferro in the 1989 version.)
  • Strange Days (1995) [Max Peltier]: Falls to his death from a hotel balcony landing on top of a news van after a struggle with Ralph Fiennes.
  • Enemy of the State (1998) [Paulie Pintero]: Shot to death along with his cohorts in a gunfight with Jon Voight and Jon's men in a restaurant after one of Tom's staff shoots Jake Busey sparking a gun fight.
  • Saving Private Ryan (1998) [Sergeant Michael Horvath]: Shot in the chest by German soldiers while running to safety; he dies shortly after making it behind cover.
  • Red Planet (2000) [Dr. Quinn Burchenal]: Commits suicide by blowing himself up when he drops a lit flare igniting some oxygen in order to escape being eaten by the insects as Val Kilmer looks on in shock. 
  • Big Trouble (2002) ["Snake" Dupree]: Killed in an explosion/vaporized when he is dropped into the ocean clinging to a nuclear bomb after Tim Allen decouples the stairs Tom is hanging onto, after he shoots at Tim for having refused to drop the suitcase. 
  • Dreamcatcher (2003) [Lieutenant Owen Underhill]: Shot repeatedly by Morgan Freeman from a helicopter.  He manages to shoot Morgan down before dying, with his body later seen when Thomas Jane kneels by his side).
  • Zyzzyx Road (2006) [Joey]: Killed by Leo Grillo in a fight over Katherine Heigl. His body is buried in the desert.
  • Ring Around the Rosie (2006) [Pierce]: Pushed off a stairway by Gina Philips or Jenny Mollen and ends up dragging one of the two by the foot, causing one of them to fall off and die as well.
  • The Genius Club (2006) [Armand]: Shot to death by federal agents in S.W.A.T. team armor off-screen. His body is seen after the fact as he lies dying.
  • Furnace (2007) [Frank Miller]: Killed off-screen during the film's credits after the demonic spirit of Victoria Hester attacks him in his cell; we only hear him scream as Richard S. Cowl smiles on.
  • The Colombian Connection (2011) (Through the Eye) [Frank Rossi]: Shot to death by Bertie Higgins.
  • Visible Scars (2012) [Mike Gillis]: Burned to death (off-screen) after he's daughters accidentally set the house on fire.
  • Paranormal Movie (2013) [Tom]: Stabbed repeatably by Kevin P. Farley, while Carly Craig looks on. He dies shortly afterwards while trying to crawl away. (Played for comic effect)
  • Company of Heroes (Video, 2013) [Lieutenant Dean Ransom]: Shot in the chest by Richard Sammel during a chase by German soldiers.
  • Five Thirteen (2013) [Glen]: Shot in the head by Jennifer Ann Massey.
  • SWAT: Unit 887 (2015) [Damian White]: Shot in the head by Timothy Woodward Jr., during a SWAT Team shoot out.
  • 6 Ways to Die (2015) [Mike Jones]: Shot in the stomach with a Suppressor by Chris Jai Alex, as revenge for his killing.
  • Exit 14 (2016) [Roy]: Shot repeatedly in the chest by Anthony Del Negro after a struggle with a gun, which accidentally shoots Laura Flannery
  • Better Criminal (2016) [Sergeant Mike Martin]: Dies of blood loss off-screen after being shot in the back by assassins.
  • Calico Skies (2016) [Phoenix]: Commits suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning in his car. We last see him unconscious while his cell phone is ringing.
  • WEAPONiZED (2016) [Kyle Norris]: Shot to death by John Laughlin, after confessing to his crimes and murders in front of the American navy.
  • Wolf Mother (2016) [Jon]: Shot to death by Stephanie Pearson, after he attacks Najarra Townsend.
  • Traded (2016) [Lavoie]: Shot in the mouth by Michael Paré.
  • USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage (2016) [McWhorter]: Details needed.
  • Atomica (Deep Burial) (2017) [Zek]: Possibly crushed to death (off-screen) after the nuclear power plant collapses. It's never confirmed if he died or not, but it seems very likely.
  • Bad Frank (2017) [Mickey Duro]: Beaten to death by Kevin Interdonato, after he shoots Brandon Heitkamp.
  • The Immortal Wars (2018) [Bloodshed]: Mauled and killed (off-screen) by a zombie-like creature, while trapped in a cell.
  • Nazi Overlord (2018) [Colonel Forrester]: Killed along with Anthony Jensen (off-screen) by the virus after an affected Andrew Liberty explodes and spreads the infection in the air.
  • Hell Girl (2019) [Reynolds]: Heart ripped out by Masha Malinina, while Diana Lu and Tara Westwood pin him down.
  • The Pining (2019) [Father William]: Heart ripped out by a possessed Connie Jo Sechrist.
  • Apocalypse of Ice (2020) [Reggie]: Freezes to death in the eye of the storm.
  • Alien Conquest (2021) [General Reed]: Vaporized (along with DeAngelo Davis) by the aliens' heat-ray as he and DeAngelo were shooting at the ship.
  • Impuratus (2022) [Detective Clayton Douglas]: After being possessed by a supernatural force, he commits suicide by shooting himself in the head in front of his daughter (off-camera), as we only hear the bang. His body is shown afterward when his wife (Lorna Larkin) comes rushing in after hearing the commotion.
  • The Haunting of Hell Hole Mine (2023) [Roscoe]: Succumbs to his injuries after being stabbed accidentally in the stomach with a Pickaxe during a struggle with Paul Collett. He dies while talking to Tori Lane Ross.

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