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Tom Hulce's death in Amadeus

Tom Hulce (1953 - )

aka Thomas Hulce

Note for readers: surname pronounced "Hulch".

Film Deaths

  • Slam Dance (1987) [Charles Drood]: Apparently dies in explosion after sparing his life by killing Don Opper in the Hollywood sign. Tom brings himself back to life, despite the funeral being seen as he went in disguise at the end. (Played for comic effect.)
  • Parenthood (1989) [Lawrence "Larry" Buckman]: His death was suggested (yet unknown), but it's known that he "wasn't coming back" according to Jason Robards Jr. as he talked to Alex Burall. Tom is just not seen again.
  • Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (1994) [Henry Cleval]: Although Tom survives in an alternate scene, he apparently dies in a burning big house after Kenneth Branagh revs up his Reanimatormatic, leaving Tom to scream out "NO!" (He is just not seen again, as of the actual ending of the movie).
  • Jumper (2008) [Mr. Bowker]: His death was not mentioned by anyone, not even Hayden Christensen nor Rachel Bilson as it was unknown that he had old age. (He was only seen at the beginning while teaching a class, but listed just in case.)

TV Deaths