Tom Cavanagh in 'Sublime'

Tom Cavanagh (1963 - )

Film DeathsEdit

  • Sublime (2007) [George Grieves]: Commits suicide by jumping from his hospital room in his dream (causing him to die in real life as well) in order to free himself of his torment after he is left in a permanent coma due to a botched operation.

TV DeathsEdit

  • Royal Pains: Hank and the Deep Blue Sea (2012) [Jack O'Malley]: Dies (off-screen) as a result of lupus complications.
  • The Following: Silence (2014) [Kingston Tanner]: Sacrifices himself by slitting his own throat after refusing James Purefoy's order to kill his own son (Carter Jenkins).
  • The Flash: Tricksters (2015) [Dr. Harrison Wells]: Killed when Matt Letscher drains his life-force and steals his appearance/identity to impersonate during the first season.
  • The Flash: Fast Enough (2015) [Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash]: Fades from existence when his ancestor (Rick Cosnett) commits suicide after seeing him threaten to murder Grant Gustin, his friends and family (technically this also counts as Matt Letscher as well). The Wells version of Reverse-Flash returns in the Crisis on Earth-X crossover, though still unclear if he is honestly the real Reverse-Flash from Earth-1 or the Reverse-Flash of Earth-X.
  • The Flash: Finish Line (2017) [H.R. Wells/Harry Wells]: Playing a dual role as H.R. Wells and his Earth-2 counterpart, Harry Wells, H.R. dies after being stabbed through the back by Savitar (voiced by Tobin Bell) while impersonating Candice Patton. He dies while speaking to Grant Gustin (Harry Wells survives the episode.)
  • The Flash: Cause and XS (2019) [Sherloque Wells]: Impaled in the back with a lightning-shaped dagger by Chris Klein; This death is erased when Jessica Parker Kennedy travels back in time and fixes the timeline.