Tom Brooke (1978 -)

Tom Brooke in Preacher: Mumbai Sky Tower

Film Deaths[edit | edit source]

  • None Known

TV Deaths[edit | edit source]

  • Preacher: See (2016) [Fiore]:Impaled by his own chainsaw by Joseph Gilgun during a fight over the unconscious Dominic Cooper . His remains (along with those of Anatol Yusef ) are hastily buried by Joseph some time later. However, due to being an angel, Tom is able to return to life in a new body.
  • Preacher: Possibilities (2016) [Fiore]: Run over by a truck driven by Joseph Gilgun while trying to carry out a raid on Dominic Cooper's church alongside Anatol Yusef. Once again, Joseph buries their remains before they are found. However, due to being angels, both Tom and Anatole return to life. 
  • Preacher: Sundowner (2016) [Fiore]: Killed multiple times while attempting to subdue Juliana Potter alongside Anatol Yusef and Dominic Cooper, including being shot in the eye while checking the door, then being shot in the head while grappling with Juliana over her gun, and then being shot in the head from behind. However, due to being an angel, he returns to life on every single occasion - leaving numerous previous bodies scattered around the motel room in the process.
  •  Preacher: Mumbai Sky Tower (2017) [Fiore]: Dies multiple times over the course of the episode, but always reappears due to his angel powers: 1) hangs himself in despair over Anatol Yusef's permanent death; 2) suffocates himself with a plastic bag; 3) shoots himself in the head; 4) electrocutes himself by shoving Vik Sahay 's microphone into an icebucket; 5) allows Vik to decapitate him with a sword as part of a magic act; 6) shot in the face with a crossbow by Vik as part of a deliberately-botched William Tell performance; 7) sawed in half with a chainsaw - also by Vik; 8) accidentally dies of a heroin overdose at the start of a party with Joseph Gilgun. Finally, he is shot in the chest by Graham McTavish at his own request during a stage show - Graham's power as the Saint of Killers being enough to kill Tom permanently.  
  •  Bodyguard: Episode 2 (2018) [Andy Apsted]: Commits suicide by shooting himself under his chin, as Richard Madden looks on.  

Connections[edit | edit source]

Son of Paul Brooke

Mr. Fiona Glascott

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