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Tom Berenger in Platoon

Tom Berenger (1949 - )

Film Deaths[]

  • Platoon (1986) [Sergeant Bob Barnes]: Shot three times in the chest by Charlie Sheen, after Tom is wounded by the Viet Cong and challenges Charlie to finish him off.
  • The Field (1990) [The American]: Head smashed repeatedly against the rocks by Richard Harris during a fight. His body is shown again when it's hoisted out of the lake with a crane by the townspeople.
  • Shattered (1991) [Dan Merrick/Jack Stanton]: Playing a dual role as 'Dan' and the surgically altered 'Jack'; Dan is shot to death by Greta Scacchi as Scott Getlin looks on in shock (with Jack being left an amnesiac and disfigured from a car crash thereby needing plastic surgery), with Dan's perfectly preserved body later discovered when Bob Hoskins comes across him in a chemical storage ship container (then again when he pulls 'Dan' out of a pool of Formaldehyde in the bowels of a shipwreck to show 'Jack'). (Jack survives the movie.)
  • Amber Alert: Terror on the Highway (Desperate Hours) (2008) [Larsan]: Stabbed to death with a knife in self-defense by Britt McKillip and Genevieve Buechner after Tom falls asleep.
  • Last Will (2011) [Frank Emery]: Poisoned by Shawn Huff on Patrick Muldoon's orders as a means of framing Tatum O'Neal.

TV Deaths[]

  • One Life to Live: April 6, 1976 (1976) [Tim Siegel]: Dies from injuries he sustained after falling down a flight of stairs.
  • Cutaway (2000 TV) [Red Line]: Commits suicide by removing his parachute while falling through the sky; after talking to Stephen Baldwin. (Thanks to Gary)
  • Johnson County War (2001 mini-series) [Cain Hammett]: Jumps through the window of his burning cabin, shoots dead two of the horde of hired guns besieging him, but is then shot multiple times by Silas Weir Mitchell and a line of seven others. (Thanks to Brian)