Tom Bell (1933 - 2006)

Film Deaths Edit

  • Payroll (I Promised To Pay) (1961) [Blackie]: Shot in the chest and then pushed into the quicksand (which had already killed Kenneth Griffith), by Michael Craig. (Thanks to Brian)
  • A Prize Of Arms (1962) [Fenner]: Burnt to death, with Stanley Baker and Helmut Schmid when their burning lorry blows up as the flames reach the onboard explosives. (Thanks to Brian)
  • In Enemy Country (1968) [Ian]: Machine gunned by the Germans after their searchlights pick him up as he swims out to a launch. (Thanks to Brian)
  • Royal Flash (1975) [De Gautet]: Falls to his death, hitting the side of the gorge, after Malcolm McDowell cuts the rope supporting him on the bridge over the gorge. His body is seen washed up on the rocks. (Thanks to Brian)
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