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Todd Haberkorn (1982 - )

Film Deaths[]

  • Sailor Moon Eternal Part 1 (2021; animated) [Xenotime]: Disintegrated by Sailor Venus (Cherami Leigh) with Venus Love and Beauty Shock

TV Deaths[]

  • Dragon Ball Z Kai: No Victory for Android 19! Enter Super Vegeta (2011; anime) [Android #19]: Completely obliterated by Vegeta (Christopher Sabat) with his Big Bang Attack. All that remained of him was his head.
  • Fate/stay Night - Unlimited Blade Works: Incarnation (2015; anime) [Assassin]: Slashed across the chest by Saber (Kari Wahlgren); his body dissipates into magic particles after his death.
  • Sailor Moon Crystal: Enemy -Queen Metalia- (2016; anime) [Jadeite]: Destroyed by Queen Metalia (Mary Elizabeth McGlynn) with an energy wave. Later returns as a ghost.
  • Attack on Titan: Hero (2019; anime) [Marlo Freudenberg]: Hit in the head with rocks thrown by the Beast Titan (Jason Liebrecht), spending his last moments thinking about Hitch (Brittney Karbowski).
  • Mobile Suit Gundam SEED: The Final Light (2020; anime) [Muruta Azrael]: Killed alongside Natarle (Lisa Ortiz) on the bridge of the Dominion by the Archangel's Lohengrin cannon on the orders of Murrue Ramius (Carrie Keranen) in revenge for Mu La Flaga (Tom Wayland) being seemingly killed by the Dominion's Lohengrin cannon. (For the Japanese version, see Nobuyuki Hiyama. For the first English version, see Andrew Francis).

Video Game Deaths[]