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Timothy Carey in The Killing

Timothy Carey (1929 - 1994)

a.k.a. Tim Carey or Timothy Agoglia Carey

Film Deaths[]

  • The Killing (1956) [Nikki Arcane]: Shot in the back by police while trying to make his getaway from the racetrack.
  • The Last Wagon (1956) [Cole Harper]: Stabbed in the chest in a fight with Richard Widmark.
  • Paths of Glory (1957) [Pvt. Maurice Ferol]: Executed by a firing squad, along with Ralph Meeker and Joe Turkel.
  • One-Eyed Jacks (1961) [Howard Tetley]: Shot in the chest during a shoot-out with Marlon Brando in a saloon.
  • A Time For Killing (1967) [Billy Cat, Union Soldier]: Shot in the chest by escaped Confederate officer Todd Armstrong during the big shootout at the abandoned mission station. (Thanks to Brian)
  • Head (1968) [Lord High 'n Low]: Shot to death (along with the rest of his posse) with a cannon when Micky Dolenz fires it at them during a showdown in the street. (Played for comic effect.)
  • The Outfit (1973) [Jake Menner]: Shot by Robert Duvall after he emerges from his crashed car and engages him in a gunfight.
  • Chesty Anderson, U.S. Navy (Anderson's Angels) (1976) [Vincent]: Commits suicide by jumping into an industrial trash-compactor after being cornered by Shari Eubank and Fred Willard.
  • Fast-Walking (1982) [Bullet]: Thrown over the railing (off-screen) into the prison yard by another convict; his body is shown afterwards when James Woods rushes to the scene after hearing the noise.

TV Deaths[]