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Tim Thomerson in 'Silk Stalkings: Night Games'

Tim Thomerson (1946 - )

Film Deaths[]

  • Volunteers (1985) [Jim Reynolds]: Presumably drowns after being punched into a river by Tom Hanks shortly before a bridge explosion. (His body and death was not seen, but it can be assumed he died)
  • Nemesis (1992) [Farnsworth]: Playing a dual role, the real "Farnsworth" is killed (off-camera) by his cyborg counterpart; the cyborg is destroyed (having been reduced to mechanical endoskeleton) at the end of a fight with Olivier Gruner onboard an aircraft.
  • Swarmed (2005) [Phineas Washburn]: Stung to death in the mouth by wasps via hose while hiding underwater in a dunk tank.
  • Abandoned (2010) [Cooper]: Shot by Brittany Murphy in self-defense when he refuses to put his gun away and attempts to shoot her.

TV Deaths[]

  • The Twilight Zone: Take My Life...Please! (1986) [Billy Diamond]: Killed in car accident when he crashes his car while struggling with Xander Berkeley; he appears in the afterlife afterwards.
  • The Flash: Pilot (1990) [Jay Allen]: Killed by Michael Nader or Michael's thugs. (I can't recall for certain.)
  • Silk Stalkings: Night Games (1993) [Foster Henshaw]: Shot repeatedly in the chest by Rob Estes and Mitzi Kapture when Tim pulls a gun on Rob in the police station.
  • Back to Back (1996 TV movie) (A. K. A. American Yakuza 2) (Thomas): Shot dead (Off-screen) by Kô Takasugi when Kô discovers that he has been kidnapped by Stephen Furst and Tim causes the truck to brake violently and Kô shoots them both.
  • When Time Expires (1997 TV movie) [Rifkin Koss]: Shot repeatedly by Richard Grieco (who he shoots in return) along with Gary Lee Davis and Rick Cramer during a shootout at the hotel, with their bodies disappearing back in time as they die.
  • Project Viper (2002 TV movie) [Sheriff Morgan]: Eaten by the giant alien creature in a cave while Patrick Muldoon looks on in shock and retrieves the important suitcase Thomerson had with him.
  • War Wolves (2009 TV movie)[Frank Bergman]: Dies of blood loss after being shot in the chest by wolves in church with John Saxon by his side.