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Cunningham's death

Tim Roth in Rob Roy

Tim Roth (1961 -)

Film Deaths[]

  • The Hit (1984) [Myron]: Shot in the eye by John Hurt, shattering Tim's sunglasses. Tim expected John to execute Laura de Sol and was taken off guard when the gun was aimed at him instead.
  • Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead (1990) [Guildenstern]: Executed by hanging, along with Gary Oldman we only see a shot of the ropes drawing taut after they drop.
  • Vincent & Theo (1990) [Vincent Van Gogh]: Commits suicide by shooting himself in the stomach. 
  • Jumpin' at the Boneyard (1992) [Manny]: Shot in the back.
  • Reservoir Dogs (1992) [Freddy Newandyke a.k.a. Mr. Orange]: Shot in the head (off-camera) by Harvey Keitel in the warehouse; we hear the shot after the camera pulls in to a close-up of Harvey after severly bleeding from a gunshot wound in the stomach by Suzanne Celeste and and in the chest by Lawrence Tierney.
  • Rob Roy (1995) [Archibald Cunningham]: Slashed across the chest during a swordfight with Liam Neeson (almost cleaving him in two).
  • Hoodlum (1997) [Dutch Schultz]: Shot to death by a hitman (Ed O'Ross) in a restroom. (Historically; Dutch was shot along with three other associates. They were gunned down by Charles Workman and Emanuel "Mendy" Weiss)
  • The Legend of 1900 (La Leggenda del pioanista sull'oceano) (1998) [Danny Boodmann T.D. Lemon Nineteen Hundred a.k.a. 1900]: Killed in an explosion on the ship.
  • The Million Dollar Hotel (2000) [Izzy Goldkiss]: Commits suicide by dropping off the side of a building.
  • Invincible (2001) [Hersche Steinschneider a.k.a. Erik Jan Hanussen]: Shot repeatedly by Nazi soldiers.
  • The Musketeer (2001) [Febre, the Man in Black]: Stabbed to death by Justin Chambers.
  • Killing Emmett Young (Emmett's Mark) (2002) [John Harrett a.k.a. Frank Dwyer]: Shot to death by Scott Wolf.
  • To Kill a King (2003) [Oliver Cromwell]: Dies of liver and kidney disease.
  • The Last Sign (2005) [Jeremy Macfarlane]: Killed in a car crash while driving drunk; he appears as a ghost afterwards.
  • Even Money (2006) [Victor]: Shot several times in the chest by Danny DeVito while Tim tries to shoot Kelsey Grammer in his house.
  • Funny Games (2007) [George]: Shot to death (off-camera) by Michael Pitt; we only see Michael pointing the gun, followed by a scene of Michael and Brady Corbet taking the bound Naomi Watts out onto the boat. (See also Ulrich Muhe in the 1997 version.)
  • Youth Without Youth (2007) [Dominic]: Freezes to death after suddenly aging by several decades and collapsing in the street.
  • The Liability (2012) [Roy]: Presumably bleeds to death of his injuries (he is last seen being left outside a church by Jack O'Connell, who had accidentally shot him).
  • The Hateful Eight (2015) [Oswaldo Mobray/English Pete Hicox]: Dies of blood loss (off-screen) after being shot in the chest by Walton Goggins (in retaliation for him shooting Walton) and later in the leg by Samuel L. Jackson; he is last seen writhing on the floor after Samuel shoots him.
  • Mr. Right (2016) [Hopper]: Shot in the back by RZA as he is preparing to shoot Sam Rockwell.
  • 1 Mile to You (2017) [Coach Jared]: Killed in a bus crash.
  • The Padre (2018) [Padre]: Dies from blood loss after being shot in the shoulder by Nick Nolte. He later succumbs to his injuries while driving Valeria Henríquez to safety.

Television Deaths[]