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[[Category:Death scenes by murder]]
[[Category:Death scenes by murder]]
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[[Category:Comic book movie deaths]]
[[Category:2017 Deaths]]

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Tim Pigott-Smith in V For Vendetta

Tim Pigott-Smith (1946 - 2017)

Film Deaths

  • Clash Of The Titans (1981) [Thallo]: Stabbed in the back with a trident by the special effect creation of Calibos. The 'normal' character is played by Neil McCarthy. (Thanks to Brian)
  • V for Vendetta (2005) [Deputy Chancellor Peter Creedy]: Neck snapped by Hugo Weaving in a subway tunnel, after Hugo kills the rest of Tim's Fingermen hit squad members (as Tim shoots at him to no effect). (Thanks to Patrick)

TV Deaths

  • The Jewel in the Crown (1984; miniseries) [Captain Ronald Merrick]: Killed by his male lover. (Thanks to Mac)
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