Tim Matheson (left), with David Soul, in Magnum Force


Tim Matheson's death in Magnum Force

Tim Matheson (1947 - )

Film Deaths:Edit

TV Deaths:Edit

  • While Justice Sleeps (1994) [Winfield 'Win' Cooke]: Shot to death by Cybill Shepherd in a courtroom.
  • Buried Alive II (1997) [Clint Goodman/Michael Haden]: Dies of a heart attack (from the long term damage of the toxins given to him in the first film) as he is digging up Ally Sheedy (who has been buried alive). His body is later seen when she climbs out of the grave to put Tim in (then again when Stephen Caffrey discovers him on having her grave exhumed)
  • Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis (2000) [President John F. Kennedy]: Assassinated off-screen, the whole film in intercut of different era of the Life of Jacqueline (Joanne Whalley). (I haven't seen this film myself, only certain clips, I don't even know if the assassination is off-screen or not).
  • Burn Notice: Dead to Rights (2011) [Larry Sizemore]: Killed in an explosion when Gabrielle Anwar detonates the explosives she had planted specifically to kill Tim. (Tim's character was often refered to as "Dead Larry" as he had faked his death several times previously)
  • CSI: The Devil and D.B. Russell (2013) [Oliver Tate]: Killed in a car explosion caused by Lucas Kerr.
  • Killing Reagan (2016 TV) [President Ronald Reagan]: Dies (off-screen) from Alzheimer's disease (in 2004 to be exact), it's mentioned on the on-screen text at the end after using news footage of the real Ronald Reagan.
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