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Tim Daly in The Sopranos: Walk Like a Man

Tim Daly (1956 - )

Film Deaths[]

  • Spellbinder (1988) [Jeff Mills]: Stabbed to death (and presumably has his heart cut out) by Rick Rossovich, Kelly Preston and the other Spellbinder coven members for their winter solstice sacrifice after being set up by Kelly to come willingly on his own accord to their sacrificial den (I haven’t seen all of this but it’s confirmed that he ends up being sacrificed).
  • Caroline at Midnight (1994) [Ray]: Killed by mobsters/corrupt cops.
  • Basic (2003) [Colonel Bill Styles]: Shot repeatedly by Connie Nielsen (through a glass screen window or door) as Tim is about to shoot John Travolta, after John refuses to be part of a secret new narcotic operation (he then falls back into his chair as he dies).

TV Deaths[]

  • Alex Haley's Queen: Part 3 (Queen) (1993) [Col. James Jackson Jr.]: Dies from old age (off-screen); his death is revealed when his daughter (Halle Berry) attends his funeral.
  • Ambush in Waco: In the Line of Duty (1993 TV) [David Koresh]: Killed off-screen in the siege. It is mentioned in the afterwards.
  • Execution of Justice (1999) [Daniel James White]: Commits suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning in his garage; his death is mentioned in the on-screen text at the end of the movie.
  • The Fugitive: Thanatos (2001) [Dr. Richard Kimble]: Shot by Dennis Boutsikaris (Unlike the original Series and Movie that had Bittersweet endings and because this one was canceled and ended with an unresolved Cliffhanger, I'm putting it that Kimble had died and evil won).
  • The Sopranos: Walk Like a Man (2007) [J.T. Dolan]: Shot in the head by Michael Imperioli.
  • Private Practice: Aftershock (2012) [Pete Wilder]: Dies of a heart attack and falls into a ditch off screen. Viewers are informed of his death when Amy Brenneman tells the others after getting a phone call.

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