Tim Choate in Spy

Tim Choate (1954 - 2004)

Film Deaths Edit

  • Spy (1989) [David Tiomchin]: Shot in the chest by government agents while Tim, Bruce Greenwood and Catherine Hicks are driving away; he dies shortly afterwards as Bruce kneels by his side after getting him out of the car.

TV DeathsEdit

  • Babylon 5: War Without End, Part 2 (1996) [Zathras]: Dies (off-screen) at some point in time between the 13th and 23rd centuries, after he and Michael O'Hare take Babylon 4 back in time a thousand years. The character seemingly appears again in the 1997 episode Conflicts of Interest, but this is revealed to be another character also called 'Zathras' (Tim was wearing alien makeup for this role).
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