• I have copied this from your Titanic user page; know I have said this before, but I suggest that "tragic villain" be removed from Adolf Hitler. Hitler may have been abused by his father when he was a boy but the same exact happens to many people, both good and bad. And let's not forget the saying, "bad things happen to EVERYBODY"; if we were to put "tragic villain" on every bad person who had something bad that happened to them in their lives, the Wiki loses all credibility. I suggest the same category be removed from Goebbels and Stalin, and Charles Manson and Ted Bundy. I also suggest removing "heroes turned to the dark side" as well; Hitler may have fought in World War 1, but so did EVERYONE ELSE. I know I have been doing this for years, but it has always brothered me. 

    I have an idea; can you copy and paste the above paragraph up on the Hitler talk page, so that people can see the suggestion? They could put it to a vote as to whether to keep or delete the catrgories. 

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