• Hello Film Brain, a few points.The general style you refer to is a convention, not a must-do. Most of the time I follow it but sometimes I feel things are better described by doing them differently, giving them more impact if the drama/humour can be conveyed.  I'm not the only one doing this. It is not the function of any of us to alter an entry unless we are doing what you have rightly stated - correcting the format, grammar etc or amending errors in detail or adding missing details (killer, method, motivation etc) . If we haven't seen the film/show then it should be taken as read that what the contributor has written is relevant to the death in the context of the plot. If a page has been visited by other people (notably when adding categories), and they have left the text intact, there is no reason for anyone else to later change it. Another thing that should not be done, don't think you are guilty of this, is changing words. I remember listing a death where the character's action was foolhardy.  Someone changed it to stupid - not the same thing and completely altering the context of the character's action.

    Just general points, not specifically directed at you.

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