• Since you're covering Candidates for deletion the character Donald Margolis in Breaking Bad: No Mas attempted suicide by shooting himself in the head. We learn of this in a radio brodcast in which Bryan Cranston was listening to while driving. The voice on the radio said that he was in critical condition and that was the last we hear of the Margolis character in the series running. I believe I left a message at the bottom of the page but it was ignored. It may be possible I missed something but I watched the episode several times and I still think its the contribution of an over zealous poster. Oh, hi by the way.

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    • Hi there. I think the "Candidates for Deletion" page was created automatically when I used the appropriate template on the page someone created for actress/musician Billie Piper (who, to my knowledge, has not portrayed a killed/deceased character in any of her filmography listings, and was likely created by an over-zealous user). I don't have any power to actually delete any of the pages on that list, and have tried notifying CinemorgueDeMan to remove them.

      I can look into that particular page when I have the time to, but thanks for bringing it to my attention.

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    • OK Thanks.

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    • A FANDOM user
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