• Hi there, just come across this entry and have checked the mail I sent to DeMan about it. As far as I recall, Yasmin Paige did not get erased from existence, she went back in time to 1964. Whilst I agree about the timelines, below is the mail I sent to DeMan with all the detail, it may be necessary to create pages for the other actresses involved, as this mail was sent to cover Jane Asher, not Sladen.

    In THE SARAH JANE ADVENTURES: WHATEVER HAPPENED TO SARAH JANE ?( 2007). there is a character named Andrea Yates. As an adult she is played by JANE ASHER. In the plot we discover that she should have died as a 13yr old schoolgirl -- played by FRANCESCA MILLER -- falling from a pier in 1964, but a supernatural character named The Trickster, played by Paul Marc Davis, intervenes and strikes a deal with her to save her and swop her for her friend Sarah Jane Smith (Jessica Ashworth), who dies in her place. Moving to modern times, it is now necessary to have the adult Sarah Jane (Elisabeth Sladen ) alive, but to do this it means the adult Andrea Yates must die, so Asher confronts The Trickster and reneges on the deal and we then see the young Andrea die. So Miller dies and as a result the character never lived to be Asher.

    I also see that you have so far failed to do as requested on Ian Bannen. Over to you !

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    • Hello, wikia contributor.

      While I appreciate you contacting me asking to create pages for the other actresses involved in this particular episode, and while I do intend on creating them (assuming that they haven't already been made), I have a busy schedule in my own life that obviously takes up most of my time. You may not have noticed, but there has been a large gap between the times I've been contributing to this wikia.

      Secondly, Maria (portrayed by Yasmin Paige) did, in fact, get erased from existence. After being transported back in time to the event on the pier, she then returns to the present time to try and convince her parents that time has been altered. However, the Trickster's minion (I forget the name of the monster) goes after her to try and stop her by removing her from existence as well, and eventually succeeds. The only person who remembers her ever existing is her father, but only because he was holding the cube that prevented him from forgetting her. Both Elisabeth and Yasmin are brought back into existence when Jane Asher's character, Andrea Yates, decides to accept her initial fate.

      Thirdly, as I have pointed out, it's been a long while since I've done anything on this site, and I don't remember any request for the Ian Bannen page. If it's really that important, why couldn't you have done it yourself?

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    • Thanks for replying, I did realise you have been absent for some time. As for Sarah Jane, I had no recollection of Paige being erased but now you mention the cube it seems familiar. As for Ian Bannen, that is still on your message wall, where you were advised that your edit was out of sync with similar items on the original site, probably because you were unaware of the sort of things which we longstanding contributors are used to seeing from DeMan. The comment was obviously made to give you some assistance/guidance for future editing. I am a contributor, not an editor, so I could have done it myself but that would have meant an edit on your edit, not very polite !

      On this point, I have noticed that various people have submitted comments but a lot of them have not been actioned by any editor, which is rather strange if they are significant with regards to the deaths in question -- correcting details or enhancing new entries etc.

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    • That's fair enough, and thanks for replying. Unfortunately, due to the length of time it's been, I can't remember what it used to be originally. However, it's not "impolite" to edit on top of someone else's work. It's basically a free-for-all, I guess. If people see spelling/grammar mistakes on someone else's article on a Wikia site, they are encouraged to rectify the mistake. In the same vain, if you think that something I've written is either factually incorrect or needs further elaboration, then by all means feel free to correct me and update the page where needed. I won't take any offence to it :)

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