• An anymous user with the IP has been creating pages without necessary information. I noticed it happening from the Doom Patrol entry where he made a page for every performer listed who didn't previously have one, but the pages he made are lacking content. The only information he includes is the show that the performer died in and the episode - there is no death entry or anything else. Just today, when I added Derek Evans to the list of deaths in Doom Patrol, the anymous user soon made a page that only says the title he died in. And over the course of last week, I saw the same thing happen when I added Sarah Borne and Greyson Chadwick to the page. This hasn't only been happening with Doom Patrol either - this user has also been creating pages for performers who died in Dracula, What We Do in the Shadows, and Stargirl.

    I don't know what the proper course of action for this should be, but I find these pages to hinder my ability to improve this site because it's harder to identity which performers need actual pages and which ones are fine. Because they all have blue links on the Doom Patrol entry, I'm not entirely certain which ones are full pages and which ones need actual content. When we create pages, we obviously need to include a death entry above all else.

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