• After his block expired today, Dibol has resumed deleting information and grammatical formatting that shouldn't be deleted. He is making a massive series of edits that remove necessary parentheses from when a death is mentioned as occurring "(off-screen)" and remove necessary contextual information about other individuals mentioned in death entries. Five of my most recent edits alone had this content removed by him - Sarah Paulson, Victoria Justice, David Sobolov, Molly C. Quinn, and Michael Monks. I found the most egregious removal to be on the Molly C. Quinn page, where Dibol removed mention of Molly's character being killed by a shapeshifter in Shift. This information explains to readers that Molly's killer literally assumes her identity, as Molly also portrays the shapeshifter. With this first reference to the shapeshifter removed, it's less clear who "the shapeshifter portrayed by Molly" is and some readers may not realize that the shapeshifter Molly portrays is also the killer of her human character.

    Dibol also removed mention of Rick Zieff's death in Resident Evil 3 being presumed, but not outright stated - which he was specifically warned against removing. To top it off, he edited his profile to add that he has no tolerance for "gaslighters", which, given the timing of him just being released from a block, comes off as a jab at you, me, or both of us. I'm going to do the best I can to restore the content he's removing, but I wanted to notify you first to hopefully prevent any edit warring.

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    • He's been blocked permantely. Whatever changes you can fix would be appreciated.  Please inform me if a new user shows up, doing the same thing he was doing.  

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    • Thank you. I will start restoring the content he removed.

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    • A FANDOM user
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