• Hi CinemorgueDeMan, 

    Can we block IP address 2A02:C7D:D60D:800:FD44:2F8F:4931:EAE9.  User has been adding fake deaths for actresss Zendeya.  I've had to lock three pages.  

    Also, since I'm on here daily and having been editing this website more than anyone at this point, can I also have admin rights on top of content moderations.  This way, I don't have to sent you a message everytime an IP address needs to be blocked due to vandalism.  

    Thanks for your time.  

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    • Just blocked that user and gave you administrator status.

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    • Awesome, and thank you. 

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    • CinemorgueDeMan wrote:
      Just blocked that user and gave you administrator status.

      Excuse me. What about Violence Jack series deaths? Shark (TV series 2006-2008), Game of Silence (American TV series 2016), Detective Conan (anime 1996), The Kindaichi Case Files (anime 1997-2000) and Inuyasha (anime 2000-2013). Detective Conan aka Case Closed (anime movie 1997). Inuyasha: The Final Act (anime 2012-2013) and (anime movie 2001-2004). Inuyasha and Case Closed Anime English dubs.

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    • A FANDOM user
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