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Thomas Rosales Jr. in RoboCop 2

Thomas Rosales Jr. (1948 - )

Film Deaths[]

  • The Hunter (1980) [Bernardo]: Drowns after accidentally driving his car off the top of a multi-storey car park.
  • The Running Man (1987) [Chico]: Head explodes when his explosive collar goes off after he crosses the labor camp's perimeter (thinking it has been deactivated) while the other prisoners try to warn him.
  • Extreme Prejudice (1987) [Scarza]: Shot in the chest by Nick Nolte while standing in opposite sides of a car (after being shot in the foot).
  • Predator 2 (1990) [El Scorpio Gang Member]: Shot and blown apart by the Predator (Kevin Peter Hall)'s plasma blaster shoulder attachment.
  • A Low Down Dirty Shame (1994) [Hood that fails Mendoza]: Throat slashed with a antique dagger by Andrew Divoff as Charles S. Dutton looks on in shock.
  • Beverly Hills Cop III (1994) [Car Mechanic]: Shot repeatedly in a shootout (along with all the other car thieves) when Timothy Carhart’s assassins double cross them and open fire.
  • The Hard Truth (1994) [Man at Subway]: Shot repeatedly by Charlie Brewer through his guitar after Thomas attacks Michael Rooker, mistaking him for a criminal.
  • The Crow (1994) [Sanchez]: Shot to death by Brandon Lee during the conference room massacre shootout.
  • Heat (1995) [Armored Truck Driver]: Shot multiple times with an assault rifle by Robert De Niro.
  • Tremors II: Aftershocks (1996) [Oil Worker]: Eaten by a graboid.
  • The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997) [Carter]: Crushed to death when a female T. rex steps on him after he trips. His body is briefly seen stuck to her foot before being dropped into a flooded ditch.
  • Executive Target (1997) [Stunts]: Plays one of several prisoners killed in the prison bus crash when some of Angie Everhart and Keith David's men crash their truck into it.
  • U.S. Marshals (1998) [727 Prisoner]: Killed during the plane crash/drowned when the crashed plane rolls over into the swamp/buoy.
  • The Pandora Project (1998) [Stenwick's henchman]: Shot to death along with Jeff Cadiente and the other henchmen after their leader (Robert Hegyes) threatens Richard Tyson and Tyson’s army goons come by and mow all of those in opposition down.
  • The Base (1999) [Driver]: Killed during a shootout with the renegade soldiers.
  • Judgment Day (1999) [Payne's Man]: Killed in a shootout whilst Ice T and Suzy Amis are freeing Linden Ashby.
  • Shadow Hours (2000) [The Downey Destroyer]: Punched and beaten to death in a pit fight.
  • Collateral (2004) [Ramone]: Shot repeatedly in the stomach and chest by Tom Cruise, causing him to fall out of his apartment window onto Jamie Foxx’s cab. His body is later seen when Tom makes Jamie put him in the trunk.
  • Act of Valor (2012) [Cristo's RHM]: Killed in a fight (bludgeoned then shot or stabbed repeatedly) with one of the Navy Seals.
  • Casa de mi Padre (2012) [Friend George]: Killed in a shootout with Gael García Bernal’s hit squad during a wedding massacre. (Played for comic effect.)
  • The Call (2013) [Jose]: Burned to death when Michael Eklund sprays him with gasoline and throws a lighter at him.

Television Deaths[]

  • Extreme Justice (1993;TV movie) [Chavez]: Shot to death by Scott Glenn as Thomas is holding a girl in front of him as Lou Diamond Phillips attempts to get Thomas to surrender.
  • NCIS: Life Before His Eyes (2003) [Pedro Hernandez]: Appears as a ghost version of the character who sits with Mark Harmon at a diner in a fantasy dream sequence as Harmon remember killing Rosales in order to avenge the deaths of his wife and daughter by Rosales. (Please note that for Rosale's character's earlier appearance from the earlier seasons, Rosales was likely played by a different actor or stunt performer)