Thomas Ridgewell in Super Brainy Zombies

Thomas Ridgewell (1990 - )

a.k.a. TomSka

Deaths in Web VideoEdit

  • Eddsworld: Ruined (2007) [Tom]: Dies (off-screen) after falling down a trapdoor and breaking Edd Gould's fall.
  • Eddsworld: Halloween Special (2007) [Tom]: Impaled with a sword by a murder. Later seen as ghost. Ghost is then captured by the ghost busters.
  • Eddsworld: Spares (2008) [Tom]: Multiple clones of Tom are thrown away during the episode. At the end, the original Tom is thrown away as well.
  • Eddsworld: Matt Sucks (2008) [Tom]: Shoots himself with Mega Stake Machinegun off-screen.
  • Eddsworld: WTFuture (2010) [Tom]: Crushed by falling street light (as future and present Tom).
  • What Happened? (2012) [Police Officer]: Commits suicide by shooting himself, after being compelled to in order to demonstrate to one of his colleagues what happened to the other officers investigating the crime scene. (Played for comic effect.)
  • Eddsworld: The Snogre (2013) [The Snorge]: Blown up with tank.
  • Eddsworld: Tom's Tales of Crazy (2013) [Various Characters]: Thomas voices every character in a video with multiple skits. Deaths include: Imploding, exploding, melting, falling to his death, and being bludgeoned with a baseball bat.
  • Horse (2014) [Mrs. Johnson/Morning Victim]: Playing two different roles, "Morning Victim" is stabbed to death (off-screen) by "Mrs. Johnson", after discovering 'her' in his bed upon waking up. (We only see blood splatter across the bedroom window from outside.) (Played for comic effect.)
  • Sniper Pug (2014) [Private Tom]: Killed in an explosion, along with Matthew Rook, Sammy Paul, and Alice Ann Stacey, when the nuclear bomb detonates.
  • Super Brainy Zombies (2014) [Tom Ridgewell]: Killed by the zombie Tom Law, after Thomas brags to Hazel Hayes, Benjamin Cook, Jack Howard and Chris Kendall about finding the correct time to walk out of their hiding space. He appears as a zombie, and is killed when Hazel kicks him in the head, breaking his neck. (Played for comic effect.)
  • I Don't Know (2015) [Big Jimmy]: Ceases to exist after realizing that he doesn't know who he is. (Played for comic effect.)
  • Time Trouble (2017) [The Time Traveler]: Playing various past and future versions of himself, Tom is blown up multiple times after teleporting to the same spot as his past self (another version of him falls to his death after teleporting into the sky, one is shot with an arrow by a viking and one teleports into a fire). (All played for comic effect.)
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