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Thomas Ian Griffith in Vampires

Thomas Ian Griffith (1962 - )

Film DeathsEdit

  • John Carpenter's Vampires (1998) [Jan Valek]: Burned to death due to being exposed to sunlight after James Woods impales him though the torso with a black iron cross (then destroys the roof to the building Thomas is hiding in exposing him to the sun).
  • Black Point (2001) [Gus Travis]: Killed (shot or bludgeoned to death with a hammer) by Susan Haskell as Thomas tries to kill David Caruso.
  • xXx (2002) [Agent Jim McGrath]: Shot in the chest with a sniper pistol by Werner Daehn on Marton Csokas orders during a rock concert. His body falls into the auidience with them carrying him around before they drop him.
  • Timecop: The Berlin Decision (2003, Video) [Brandon Miller]: Killed in a fight with Jason Scott Lee (who then goes back in time to prevent Thomas' death)
  • Black Friday (The Kidnapping) (2007) [Cash]: Shot repeatedly in the torso with his own gun by Amy Carlson as he lunges for it while her daughter (Darcy Rose Byrnes) looks on

TV DeathsEdit

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