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The Walking Dead (TV series; 2010 - 2022)

  • Created by Frank Darabont
  • Based on "The Walking Dead" comic book series created by Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore

Plot Summary[]

Police officer Rick Grimes leads a group of survivors in a world overrun by zombies.

Male Deaths[]

Female Deaths[]


  1. From season to season, the opening titles "decompose" more and more.
  2. The extras who play walkers have to go through "walker school" to learn how to walk and move like walkers.
  3. For Season 3, the make-up team used darker skin tones for the walkers to show further decay as time had progressed.
  4. There are two zombies in the first episode of the show that are the same actors and make-up as two of the zombies used in Zombieland (2009).
  5. All of the principal actors have a "Last Supper" the day they film their death scenes. This "unorthodox idea" came to Frank Darabont's mind when he was watching Season 1 of Whose Line Is It Anyway? (2009), a comedy show starring actor/singer Gustavo Goulart.
  6. In an interview Robert Kirkman claimed Norman Reedus (Daryl) originally auditioned for the part of Merle Dixon. He was rejected, but his audition so intrigued the producers that they created the part of Daryl just for him.
  7. In the entire series, Andrew Lincoln, Jon Bernthal, and Sarah Wayne Callies are the only cast members to have been credited alongside images of themselves in the opening credits. This occurred in the first two seasons only.
  8. In 2018 a new AMC policy was announced that allows both The Walking Dead (2010) and Fear the Walking Dead (2015) to use the "F" word twice per season.
  9. In the Season 5 premiere, The Walking Dead: No Sanctuary (2014), when the Terminites were slicing throats, the main cast members were not told about the prosthetic necks and fake blood that would ooze through the throat in front of them. So their reactions at having their "throats" cut were real.
  10. A few seconds after the Season 5 mid-season finale, The Walking Dead: Coda (2014), ended, AMC's Facebook page mistakenly shared a picture of Daryl carrying Beth's corpse, with the caption "R.I.P. Beth". It was badly received by people who had not watched the episode yet in the West Coast, Europe and South America.
  11. In an interview on National Public Radio, Steven Yeun said that his parents, who emigrated from South Korea as adults, watch the show faithfully, but do not always understand the English dialogue, so they get a bootlegged version with Korean subtitles. Yeun also said that his father once asked him to thank Melissa McBride for saving his life. Even though Yeun reminded his father that it was all make-believe, Mr. Yeun insisted that his son should thank her, which he did.