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The Vigil (2019)


In the Hasidic community of Boro Park, Brooklyn, despondent Yakov Ronen (Dave Davis) short on both faith and funds reluctantly agrees to fulfill the Jewish practice of watching over the body of a deceased member of the Orthodox community. Instead he finds himself confronting what seems to be some sort of dybbuk straight out of Judaism folklore


  • Not explained in detail, in Jewish religion the vigil along one night of a corpse is named shemira (Hebrew word for "watching" or "guarding"), where a guardian (called shomer for males, shomeret for females and shomrim in plural indistinctly) passes the night with the recent deceased. The purpose of this vigil is custody to this recently deceased in his/her house until the sunrise for the arrival of the funeral service previous to the burial, standing in the same room with the corpse all the time. Mentioned in the prologue, usually a guardian is a familiar or close friend with the deceased, although it's possible to hire a guardian if there isn't a friend or relative to make the vigil or anyone is available for it. Another attribute of the guardian is for reading the Torah (Holy Bible for Jews), to prevent that a demon or evil being take possession of the deceased, as well as for avoiding that the shomer/shomeret be possessed by it.
  • Apart from English, the language the characters speak is Yiddish. Although it uses the Hebrew alphabet, it is a member of the Germanic family of languages.
  • In December 2019, Blumhouse acquired domestic distribution rights to the film.

Male Deaths[]

Ronald Cohen   (Mr. Litvak)

Female Deaths[]

Lynn Cohen   (Mrs. Litvak)