The Tesseract (2003) directed by Oxide Pang



Heaven Hotel in Bangkok, drug runner, Sean (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) checks into his seedy rundown room 303, waiting to pick up a brick of heroin. On the floor below in room 202, bereaved psychologist Rosa (Saskia Reeves) still grief stricken over losing her child is researching slum children recording their testimonies and various tales on camera. During which she develops a connection with abused streetwise, light-fingered thirteen year old bellhop Wit (Alexander Rendell). Next door in 203 to Rosa is Thai assassin Lita (Lena Christenchen) who along with her twin intends to intercept said narcotics meant for Sean. But when Wit swipes Sean's belongings he accidentally makes off with said Opioid. Now he's being pursued by both Lita and a desperate Sean who along with his lover Fon (Larkana Vatanawongsiree) searches to recover his opium product before Fon's boyfriend Roy (Carlo Nanni) comes after all of them.


  • based on the novel of the same name by Alex Garland.
  • In the novel the hotel were the characters first meet was in Manila

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