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The Taking of Beverly Hills (1991)

Director: Sidney J. Furie


Beverly Hills is evacuated when a container carrying hazardous materials falls off a truck driven by Benitez (Branscombe Richmond), releasing deadly chemicals. However it's a hoax by a bunch of ex-cops to loot the wealthy of their valuables, with the police imprisoned in a station's hazmat suit room and the National Guard not arriving for an hour and ten minutes. Unfortunately ageing football player David 'Boomer' Hayes (Ken Wahl) has discovered their plot and now must be eliminated, not wanting to end up like Beverly Hills Mayor, Hayes must do what he can to put an end to this mass heist by exposing whoever masterminded this crime, with only corrupt local cop Officer Ed Kelvin (Matt Frewer) having his back.


  • Originally filmed in 1989 but wasn't released until 1991 Columbia Pictures was originally set to release this film on May 10, 1991 but ultimately delayed its release that ultimately received a small, and brief, run five months later.
  • Pamela Anderson plays un-credited role as a cheerleader in her first film part
  • A computer game was released in 1991 to coincide with the film's theatrical release. The game was an action/adventure hybrid where you could play as both Boomer Hayes and Laura Sage (strangely, Ed was left out) to solve puzzles and defeat bad guys in order to stop the looting of the city. However, the game was developed and released by Capstone Software, a company notorious for their poorly created movie tie-ins. The game had some significant bugs and poor gameplay, and, like the film it was based on, faded into obscurity.
  • Originally intended to be released after the surprise success of Die Hard in 1988 by Nelson Entertainment as a potential franchise but ended up being released as the various Die Hard imitation phase films which were reaching their peak and eventually ended with such movies like Under Siege and Sudden Death that were released during this period.

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