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The Poseidon Adventure (1972)

Director: Ronald Neame


En route from New York City to Greece on New Year's Eve, majestic passenger ship the S.S. Poseidon is overtaken by a tidal wave. With the captain (Leslie Nielsen) dead, surviving passengers, including the passionate Rev. Scott (Gene Hackman), band together in the ship's ballroom. The group struggles to avert fires, flooding, structural instability and mechanical malfunctions as they make their way through a maze of ladders and tunnels in their desperate attempt to escape a watery grave.

Male Deaths[]

  • Phil Adams [Cable Steward]
  • Jan Arvan [Doctor Caravello]
  • Craig Barley [Passenger]
  • Todd Bartlett [Passenger]
  • Charles Bateman [First Officer Larsen]
  • Jack Berle [Party Guest]
  • Eldon Burke [Passenger]
  • Dusty Cadis [Passenger at Sermon]
  • Bill Catching [Passenger]
  • Craig Chudy [Helmsman]
  • Ronn Cragg [Radarman]
  • John Crawford [Joe, the Chief Engineer]
  • Jimmy Cross [Dining Room Steward]
  • Fred Dale [Passenger]
  • Ray Didsbury [Passenger]
  • Dick Durock [Passenger]
  • Len Felber [Passenger]
  • Jim Galante [Assistant Engineer]
  • Bob Golden [Wiper]
  • Gene Hackman [Reverend Frank Scott]
  • Bob Harks [Passenger]
  • Bob Hastings [M.C.]
  • Orwin C. Harvey [Falling Man]
  • George Holmes [Passenger]
  • Larry Holt [Falling Man]
  • Chris Howell [Passenger]
  • Bob Liddle [Passenger]
  • Marco Lopez [Passenger]
  • Roddy McDowall [Acres]
  • John Hugh McKnight [Passenger]
  • Erik L. Nelson [Mr. Tinkman]
  • Leslie Nielsen [Captain Harrison]
  • Arthur O'Connell [Chaplain John]
  • Monty O'Grady [Passenger at Sermon]
  • Michael Omartian [Keyboard Player in Band]
  • Ernie F. Orsatti [Terry - Susan's Date]
  • Victor Paul [Kyrenos]
  • Stuart Perry [Teddy Perry]
  • Bobby Porter [Dark-Haired Boy at Reverend Scott's Sermon]
  • Tony Regan [Passenger]
  • Lance Rimmer [Passenger]
  • Fred Sadoff [Linacros]
  • David Sharpe [Passenger]
  • Paul Stader [Martin - Wireless Operator]
  • Tom Steele [Passenger Who Helps Catch Susan]
  • Ron Stein [Passenger]
  • Norman Stevans [Man in Group Following Doctor]
  • Mark Tulin [Bass Guitarist]
  • Waddy Wachtel [Crump - Guitarist #1]
  • Byron Webster [Purser]

Female Deaths[]

  • Sheila Allen [Gina Rowe]
  • Paula Dell [Sliding Female Passenger in Red Dress]
  • Connie Ducharme [Passenger]
  • Francine Henderson [Woman at Sermon / Female Passenger with Broken Neck]
  • Kathryn Janssen [Passenger]
  • Lorraine Keeling [Passenger]
  • Frieda Rennie [Indian Woman]
  • Leoda Richards [Passenger]
  • Elizabeth Rogers [Woman Next to Mr. Tinkman]
  • Sheila Scott [Woman in Trenchcoat at Sermon]
  • Stella Stevens [Linda Rogo]
  • Lori Williams [Passenger]
  • Roseann Williams [Passenger]
  • Shelley Winters [Belle Rosen]
  • Judith Woodbury [Passenger]