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The Dinosaur Project (2012)

Directed by Sid Bennett


A British expedition formed by the lead researcher Jonathan Marchant, his assistant, a doctor and a TV crew, travels to Congo to seek evidence of a dinosaur. A local guide and the helicopter pilot join the team and the group heads to the jungle. During their trip, they find a stowaway in the helicopter, the son of Jonathan. Soon the helicopter is attacked by flying creatures and crashes in the jungle in the beginning of the last journey of Jonathan Marchant and his team.

Male Deaths[]

  • Peter Brooke [Charlie Rutherford]
  • Richard Dillane [Jonathan Marchant]
  • Stephen Jennings [Dave Moore]
  • Sivu Nobogonza [Etienne]
  • Andre Weideman [Pete Van Aarde]

Female Deaths[]

  • Abena Ayivor [Amara] off screen (not confirmed)
  • Natasha Loring [Liz Draper]