The Choice

aka: Le Choix                

"Le Choix" starring Claude Jade in a dual role and Gilles Kohler

Director: Jacques Faber

Summary[edit | edit source]

The stage actor Jean-Pierre (Gilles Kohler) lives together with his lovely fiancée Anne (Claude Jade). When he quits Brussels for some weeks to play "Lorenzaccio" with a stage company in the south of France, he meets Juliette (Claude Jade in a dual role), who is similar to Anne and a dancer at the Opera of Nice. When Anne finds out his affair, she quits Jean-Pierre, and Juliette is killed by a car accident.

Female Deaths[edit | edit source]

Claude Jade [Juliette]: killed by a car accident

The burning car of Juliette in the end of "Le Choix"

Juliette (Claude Jade) some seconds before the accident

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