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The Bay (2012)

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In 2009 at the town of Claridge, Maryland on the Chesapeake Bay, during it's annual 4th of July Crab Festival, a mysterious parasitic outbreak, ended in numerous fatalities...leading to the entire area cordoned off and all footage seized by government officials. Three years later a local reporter who witnessed the events and who has secretly gathered all the confiscated footage that wasn't destroyed, is finally able to reveal what actually occurred as a warning to another impending ecological disaster.


  • Director Barry Levinson was approached to do a documentary about the Chesapeake bay. He watched another documentey about the Chesapeake bay that talked about the pollution and the lack of fish. He said it was a great documentary but nobody will care about it. And so he said he would take all of the facts about the Chesapeake bay and turn it into a theatrical base piece.
  • The parasitic crustacean depicted in the film is Cymothoa exigua (Schiødte & Meinert, 1884) - as is referred to in a Wikipedia entry briefly shown in the film - described as known as a tongue-eating louse. The female parasite attaches itself to a host fish's tongue where it then extracts the host's blood, causing the tongue to in fact atrophy, to then replace the fish's tongue and feed on the host's blood and/or mucus. In the film, townspeople are - similarly - found with their tongues absent. [Reason: A wikipedia page is shown (c. one hour) into the film which if freeze famed, shows to give most of this information: + the townspeople's (victim's) tongues are not extracted, but absent, inferred eaten by the parasite.)

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