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Terry O'Quinn in Lost: The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham

Terry O'Quinn (1952 - )

Film Deaths[]

  • Silver Bullet (1985) [Sheriff Joe Haller]: Bludgeoned to death by Everett McGill with a baseball bat after Everett turns into a werewolf while Terry tries to arrest him.
  • The Stepfather (1987) [Jerry Blake]: Shot in the back/chest/shoulder by Shelley Hack, then stabbed in the chest with a knife by Jill Schoelen. (NOTE: although the sequel states he managed to survive his wounds, it's clear they intended this to be an actual death scene)
  • Young Guns (1988) [Alexander McSween]: Killed during a shootout in the Battle of Lincoln.
  • Pin (1989) [Dr. Frank Linden]: Killed in a car crash along with his wife (Bronwen Mantel) due to either his recklessness or in fault by his life-size anatomically correct medical dummy Pin (it's left to interpretation if Pin somehow caused this accident) (my memory is vague but it’s confirmed/clarified he dies).
  • Stepfather II (Stepfather 2: Make Room for Daddy) (1989) [Jerry Blake/Gene F. Clifford]: Stabbed with a hammer claw in the chest by Jonathan Brandis. (NOTE: The 1992 sequel Stepfather 3 revealed that the character, now played by Robert Wightman, had survived his wounds, but it's obvious that this was intended to be a death scene.)
  • Stepfather III (1992) [The Stepfather]: Falls into a woodchipper and cut to bits. (His character is revealed to have gotten plastic surgery after Stepfather II so in this movie he’s played by Robert Wightman and I’ll credit the death for both actors.)
  • The X-Files: Fight the Future (1998) [Darius Michaud]: Killed in an explosion after he lets a bomb detonate rather than disarm it.
  • American Outlaws (2001) [Rollin H. Parker]: Shot by Colin Farrell as he draws a gun whilst standing behind Timothy Dalton whom Colin is holding at gunpoint.

Television Deaths[]