Tenniel Evans (1926 - 2009)


Tenniel Evans in Ripping Yarns: The Curse of the Outlaw.

Deaths in TV Edit

  • Ripping Yarns: The Curse of the Outlaw (1977) [Kevin’s Father]: Suffocated (off-screen) with a flock of starlings become tangled in his “modesty Covering”; his death is mentioned in Michael Palin’s narration over a shot of Tenniel walking home from the church wearing the covering. He later comes back to life after the curse is lifted and time starts turning back. (Played for comic effect).
  • The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: The Dancing Men (1984) [Hilton Cubitt]: Shot to death by Eugene Lipinski.

Connections Edit

Father of Matthew Evans (director) and Serena Evans.

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