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Teller death

Teller's death in Penn & Teller Get Killed.

Teller (1948 - )

Film Deaths[]

  • Penn & Teller Get Killed (1989) [Teller]: Commits suicide by shooting himself in the chest while hanging upside-down from the ceiling, after accidentally killing Penn Jillette (Played for comic effect.).
  • Car 54 Where Are You? (1994) [Luther]: In the role as an arms dealer (along with Penn Jillette), they become overzealous during Penn's fast paced sales pitch and shoot each other (off-camera) in the head with a pair of musket pistols as John C. McGinley watches with a disbelieving expression on his face. (Played for comic effect)
  • Futurama: Into the Wild Green Yonder (2009, animated) [Teller]: Died (off-screen) of unspecified circumstances before the 3009 Poker Universal Championship. Him and Penn Jillette are both heads in jars, with Teller's head floating around. (Despite Penn & Teller both being credited for their roles, only Jillette provides the voice for the role.)

TV Deaths[]

  • The Simpsons: Hello Gudder, Hello Fadder (1999) [Himself]: In a magic show with Penn Jillette with him sitting on a chair dangling above a pool of sharks, he is possibly eaten by the sharks after Penn goes off to try to kill Homer Simpson (voiced by Dan Castellaneta). The scene ends with the chair nudging slightly closer to the pool with Teller acting nervously, so it's left ambigously, but I'll list it just in case. (Played for comic effect.)  Also worth mentioning he says that he's "not the first Teller", implying there were other Tellers that got killed. (He would return (with Jillette) in the season 22 episode The Gret Simpsina.)
  • Penn & Teller Bullshit!: Holier Than Thou (2005) [Teller]: Hit by lightning (off screen), along with Penn Jillette, by a vengeful God while performing a jazz number to finish their episode about disproving Mother Teresa's saintly hood; the lightening crash is heard at the end of the closing credits and the show cuts back to their bodies shortly after. (Played for comic effect)
  • Penn & Teller: Bullshit! Nukes, Hybrids and Lesbians (2007) [Himself]: Suffocates himself by tying a plastic bag over his head so that he wouldn't have to breath polluted air. (Played for comic effect)

Video Game Deaths[]

  • Penn & Teller: Smoke and Mirrors (1995) [Teller]: Blown to pieces, along with Penn Jillette, by the magical powers of Lou Reed. Both their severed heads are seen in a FMV talking to Lou. (Played for comedic effect.)

Notable Connections[]

With Penn Jillette, is part of the magic duo Penn & Teller.