Teheran 43 - Assassination Attempt (1981)

aka: Teheran 43

Teheran 43, starring Alain Delon, Claude Jade and Curd Jurgens

Directors: Alexandre Alov, Vladimir Naumov

Summary[edit | edit source]

In 1943 the German planned to kill the three big men Churchill, Stalin and Roosevelt during the Teheran conference. Nazi agent Max Richard (Armen Dzhigarkhanian) goes as a undertaker to make the funeral of a rich persian in Teheran. He is accompagned by the death man's lawyer Gerard Simon (Gleb Strizhenov) and his secretary Marie Louni (Natacha Belokhvostikova). When Simon finds out that Max is a Nazi agent, he is stabbed to death by Max. The Russian agent André (Igor Kostolevsky) who haves a brief romance with Marie, can blight the Assassination of the three leaders.

37 years later Max lives at the young Parisian Françoise (Claude Jade) and he will publish his memories. His former costumer and leader of the assassination attempt, Scherner (Albert Filozov), will kill all witnesses of 1943. Max trust Françoise, who hides him. Andre engages a Parisian Police Inspector, Georges Foche (Alain Delon), to protect Marie. Georges meets Marie's daughter Nathalie (Natacha Belokhvostikova in a dual role). One day three assassins trie to shoot Marie on her balcony. Foche shoot them down, but another gunman shoots him into his back. Foche dies in Nathalie's arms. André meets Marie 37 years after their romance. When Marie wents into a phone booth to call her daughter, the phone booth is smashed by a truck. Max is frightened and he follows Françoise into a new hideout, but there he is killed by Schherner's henchman. At the end Max' lawyer Legraine (Curd Jurgens) negotiate with Françoise about the manuscript of Max' memories. André meets Nathalie and then he leaves Paris with a airplane to Moscow.

Male Deaths[edit | edit source]

Alain Delon [Inspecteur Georges Foche]: he shoot down three assassins and then he is shoot into his back and he dies in Natacha Belokhvostikova's arms.

Teheran 43 poster tegeran 43.jpg

Armen Dzhigarkhanian [Max Richard]: accompagnes Claude Jade into his new hideout, where he is shoot down by Albert Filozov's henchman (on the soviet poster in the middle: Max hit by shot).

Gleb Strizhenov [Gérard Simon]: he is stabbed to death by Armen Dzhigarkhanian, when Natacha Belokhvostikova finds him sitting in a chair, she believes he is sleeping. Then she turns his back and notice the dagger in his back.

Mike Marshall [a terrorist]: shot down while airplane kidnapping (Armen Dzhigarkhanian and Claude Jade watching the shoot in the TV)

Female Deaths[edit | edit source]

Natacha Belokhvostikova [Marie]: she goes into a phone booth to call her daughter (also played by Natacha Belokhvostikova). An assassin smashes the phone booth with his truck.

Mike Marshall (blond haired handsome guy at first photo)shot down after airplane kidnapping, watched by Max (Armen Dzhigarkhanian) and Françoise (Claude Jade) on TV

Georges Foche (Alain Delon) shot down by assassin. He dies in Natalie's (Natacha Belokhvostikova) arms

Max (Armen Dzhigarkhanian) is hided by Françoise (Claude Jade) in a new hideout. He takes Scherner as hostage, but shod down into his head from the back

Marie (Natacha Belokhvostikova) takes a break in her meeting with Andre (Igor Kostolevsky) to call her daughter. A stranger who observed her takes his truck. When Marie is in the phone booth, the truck crush the booth and flees. Andre is witness of Marie's dead.

Gérard Simon (Gleb Strizhenov) found dead by Marie (Natacha Belokhvostikova)

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