Teddy Sears in American Horror Story: Rubber Man


Teddy Sears (1977 - )

Film Deaths

  • Curve (2015) [Christian Laughton]: Likely bleeds to death after his leg gets caught in a bear trap when he's pushed from a second floor balcony by Julianne Hough. We last see Teddy when Julianne then pitches him a hunting knife so that he can cut his leg off to free himself (which is what he did to her when she was trapped in a wrecked car with her foot wedged between the door and seat).

TV Deaths

  • American Horror Story: Rubber Man (2011) [Patrick]: Stabbed/impaled through the anus with a fireplace poker by Evan Peters, after being severely beaten. Evan then arranges the scene to make it look as though Zachary Quinto killed Teddy in a murder/suicide. (Teddy appears as a ghost in several other episodes; this is the episode that depicted his death.) (Nudity alert: Rear) (Thanks to Lauren and Tommy)
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