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Ted de Corsia in The Killing

Ted de Corsia (1905 - 1973)

Film Deaths:[]

  • The Lady from Shanghai (1947) [Sidney Broome]: Shot by Glenn Anders; he manages to make his way to warn Rita Hayworth that Glenn intends to kill Everett Sloane and talks to Orson Welles on the phone before dying.
  • The Naked City (1948) [Willie Garzah]: Wounded and pursued by cops, he climbs to the top of New York's Williamsburg bridge, fires down at his pursuers, and is killed in the volley of return fire. (Thanks to Brian).
  • The Enforcer (1951) [Rico]: A police witness on the 9th floor of the court building, he survives an assassination attempt but panics, climbs out a window onto a narrow ledge, loses his footing. Humphrey Bogart grabs his hand but cannot hold him and he falls to his death. (Thanks to Brian)
  • Man in the Dark (1953) [Lefty]: Run over by a roller-coaster car while he was chasing Edmond O'Brien on the tracks.
  • Crime Wave (1954) ['Doc' Penny]: Shot in the back by a policeman.
  • Man With The Gun (1955) [Frenchy Lescaux]: Throws a knife at the back of Robert Mitchum, misses and Robert turns and shoots him. (Thanks to Brian)
  • The Conqueror (1956) [Kumlek]: Stabbed to death by John Wayne, after Ted is knocked off of his horse. (Thanks to Brian)
  • Showdown At Abilene (1956) [Dan Claudius]: Killed by Jock Mahoney in the climactic gunfight. (Thanks to Brian).
  • The Killing (1956) [Randy Kennan]: Shot to death (off-screen) in the crossfire of a shoot-out between Elisha Cook Jr. and Vince Edwards in the gang's hideout; his body is shown in the aftermath of the shoot-out.
  • The Quick Gun (1964) [Spangler]: Shot dead in a gunfight by Audie Murphy. (Thanks to Brian).
  • The Outside Man (Un homme est mort) (1972) [Victor] Shot by Jean-Louis Trintignant.

Television Deaths:[]