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Ted Marcoux in ER: Rampage

Ted Marcoux (1962 - )

Film Deaths[]

  • Ghost in the Machine (1993) [Karl Hochman]: Electrocuted to death while placed in an MRI machine after getting into an car accident. He is brought back to life as a network-based entity, but dies for good when being drawed in by an atom smasher after being infected by a computer virus by Karen Allen, Chris Mulkey and Wil Horneff.

TV Deaths[]

  • ER: Rampage (2001) [Derrick Fossen]: Dies of cardiac arrest on a stretcher in the hospital elevator upon having being shot by a wounded civilian while committing a shooting rampage in the city, when Anthony Edwards (on his way to the OR for surgery on Ted's gunshot wound) deliberately stops the elevator and delays with defibrillating him, letting him die a slow and painful death (believing that Ted was targeting Anthony's family to extract revenge on putting his abused son in foster care).